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Free Addins for PowerPoint

Download these addins that extend the capabilities of PowerPoint and distribute them for free to your family, friends and colleagues!

Slide Linker

GMARK Slide Linker : Link slides together so that when one is copied, all linked slides are copied Slide Linker was born from a LinkedIn discussion started by Carrie Campbell (thanks Carrie)!

So, to summarise the need: "I need to be able to link slides together so that when one is copied, all slides that are linked are copied."

And that's exactly what this addin does for PowerPoint 2010 and 2007.

Download it for free and Learn how it works.

If you like this addin, you may like some of our other products or even be interested in having a custom designed addin built to match your precise needs.

Free Tutorials for PowerPoint

Watch these free tutorials and even download the free source PowerPoint files to help improve your authoring skills!

Embedding Slides - embed a sub-slide or slides within a main slide, that travel with your main slide

Free Content for PowerPoint

Feel free to download these examples to help you in your PowerPoint life!

SVG Logo - visit Harvey Rayner's site for more on its creation

Design Amazing Logos & Icons

In this tutorial, you'll see how PowerPoint can be used as a powerful illustration tool to create professional logos and icons.

We'll use the SVG icon, shown here, as a case study which is an original artwork by the digital graphic artist Harvey Rayner.

Go to tutorial »

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GMARK PowerPoint slide : Visual path tracking in a non-linear presentation

Presentation Path Tracking

This free presentation for PowerPoint demonstrates:
  • Non- linear presenting
  • Visual tracking of the path taken by the user during the slide show
The techniques in this example use the following features:
  • PowerPoint Custom Slide Shows, Hyperlinks, Triggered Animations
  • ActivePrez Non-linear navigation for PowerPoint Slide Shows

Download the PowerPoint source file now.

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